Wednesday, January 1, 2014

I'm back- and I'm excited!

I haven't blogged for a couple of years. Life was busy and I started doing project 365 on Facebook which fulfilled my need to share and record my life I guess.

Over this past year I started crocheting. I taught myself using youtube and it just took off. There are a couple of people I always look to for inspiration and encouragement and I will be mentioning them on here often. I don't ever want to take credit for someone else's ideas and projects.
Today I started a new project which is my motivation for getting back on here. I am going to make a blanket, a "crochet mood blanket 2014" to be exact. It is a great idea and simple to follow. You make a square a day (or a week) out of a colour that is reflective of your mood. Some people are picking specific colours for each mood. I am typically a fairly mellow content person so I was afraid my blanket would end up mainly one colour- boring. I have decided to pick some "good" and "bad" mood colours. I haven't picked all my colours yet but I did have a few in my yarn stash to get me started. All I can say is that it will be bright and colourful!

I was playing around with some different types of squares and also learning how to join as you go. Lucy at Attic 24 has great tutorials to follow The Facebook group has been busy all day and I have been changing my mind constantly about how to form my blanket. I know I want to create special squares for special occasions such as birthdays and holidays. It will be a work in progress and I am really looking forward to watching it grow.


  1. You need to get the followers button so I can follow your posts!!!

  2. Oh I love your colours :) The join as you go is an awesome technique, as it beats squares just laying around!