Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Here's wishing all my blog friends a very Merry Christmas. Have a safe, happy and relaxing holiday with your friends and family.

Friday, December 18, 2009

I am now kinda a hockey mom- and I love it!

I have never been a hockey mom- I fact I was almost the complete opposite, the girls have always done water sports, not ice sports. I have spent many, many years at the pool side cheering them on whether it was a synchro meet or a lane race I always went to show my support.
Early on in our marriage Shawn used to coach hockey- this was a passion for him. As the years have gone by and we have been more involved with the girls Shawn stopped coaching, he still played on a team so he got his hockey fix that way. I have been to see my god sons play games and to watch the leafs. I love live sports but I never really got that into it as I didn't really have anything invested in the games.
Well over the past year this has changed. It started last year with Nicole's boyfriend Josh. Josh plays house league hockey and Shawn and I would accompany Nicole to the games to watch Josh play. It was fun. I enjoyed watching Josh tear up the ice and score goals. I still had no idea what was going on other then the fact you need to get the puck in the net but hey it was a start!
This season Josh is still playing and Shawn has started coaching again. Shawn helps out coaching the Kitchener Jr Rangers AAA midget team- now this is where it gets a bit convoluted so follow along- Josh's younger brother Jeff is the goalie on the team, one the girl's high school teachers is also a coach and my girl friend Kirsten's husband is the head coach ( it really is a very small world)
I have now become obsessed with the sport. I try to get to all the games. I know who the players are, I get to visit with Josh's parents at the games, I have a common interest to share with Shawn but mainly I am just in awe of Jeff! This guy can grab a puck out of thin air. I can't even figure out where the puck is and he has it. The reflexes it takes to be a goalie are astonishing. Jeff is the most flexible guy I know- he does the splits and is up and down on the ice in an instant- it is great to watch.
The team mom's have taken me under their wing- they answer my silly questions and explain things to me. I am starting to get the hang of the game, I still don't get icing but I am sure it will come. I appreciate their support and patience.
So now I spend my time in icy cold arenas, I cheer when we get goals, I hate it when we get penalties and I am like a proud mom when we win. I say things like- "no I can't go scrapbooking this weekend we have a game"- words I never in a million years thought I would hear coming out of my mouth- as Nicole likes to point out- I don't actually have a game- Josh, Jeff or Shawn may have a game but I don't - although I do like to think of myself as part of the team!!
Go Rangers Go!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Night Before Christmas

I love Christmas. I love the sights, sounds & the smells. I mainly love getting together with friends and family. I am lucky in that both mine and Shawn's families live here in town so we don't have far to travel to see anyone. I love relaxing and spending time doing nothing. Over the past couple of years I have come to realize what is important about the holiday time. I have scaled back on the decorating and prep work. I put less pressure on myself and others and that has really paid off. Who cares if the house isn't done up to the tee, if the cookies aren't done perfectly- no one- we care that we can take a moment to be together, to rediscover one another, to stop and smell the cedar!

I love the routine and tradition of Christmas and I really, really love my Night Before Christmas books. I have been collecting them for years. They really are the only thing I collect. I have pop up books, lift the flap books, one that was published the year I was born and one that was quilted for me by my sister in law. They make me happy. As long as I have them and my Hallmark ornaments I am good to go.

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Shawn Got A Job!!!

Finally after months and months of waiting, disappointments and stress Shawn has gotten a new job! I am so very happy and excited for him. As you may remember Shawn was laid off from his long term employer in April. While he did get a years severance package it was still a very stressful time for our family.
Shawn has always been a very hard worker, in reality a bit of a workaholic. There wasn't much down time for him. Shawn has worked in Toronto for the past 12 years, the commuting meant even longer hours and time away from the family. Well over the past 7 months we have made up for that. We had a bit of a struggle in the beginning getting used to Shawn being around so much, changes in routine, TV watching and meals were hard to get used to in the beginning. Shawn likes to be busy so all kinds of jobs around the house have gotten done- we even had our Christmas lights up in October this year! He spent a lot of time on the golf course and the one thing I am the most happy about is the fact that Shawn has gotten back into coaching hockey. It is great for him to be involved in something he loves and now can make time for. As hard as it was in the beginning to get used to having him around I know know we are going to miss him. The time he has had to get back in touch with the girls and their lives has been wonderful. It has help him see where his priorities now lie. So now I will have to take over the grocery shopping and meal cooking again.
Shawn starts his new job on Monday. It is in Toronto again but with a much more flexibility which means he can still coach and make it to important events for the girls. Shawn is our rock, he is the provider for our family, he is the one who is meant to protect us. It has been hard on Shawn, feeling like he failed us in some capacity. I always held on to our motto of everything happens for a reason, that there was the perfect job out there for Shawn we just had to wait for it to show itself. Well it has, I hope he is happy there and that it is everything he wants because he sure does deserve it!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Josie Turns One!

I don't really have a very big family. There is just me, my parents and my two brothers here in Canada- all our other relatives live in England. Over the years as we have grown up and gotten married our family has expanded. I never had grandparents or cousins around when I was growing up. We did have a group of close friends, all also first generation immigrants, that become my "adopted" Aunts and Uncles.

One thing that I really enjoy is watching the interactions of our ever growing families. My girls have great relationships with my parents, we typically eat at at Mom and Dad's once a week. The girls will call up their Grandma just to chat, I speak to my mom daily and we take family vacations together. I am glad my girls get to have these experiences that I never did.

Another great thing about our extended family is the cousins! We have 6 granddaughters now in our family. My girls, Nicole 18, Katie 16 and brother Paul's daughter Jadyn 14- these 3 spent a lot of time together as they were growing up. My mom babysat them a couple of days a week and we did a lot of day trips and such together. My brother Adam is 8 years younger then me- he was my baby when we were growing up. When I started dating Shawn Adam was 10- we took him everywhere with us, Wonderland, the movies- it was great.

Now Adam is a grown man with a family of his own. Drea 4, Addie 3 and baby Josie who turned 1 on Thursday. I love having these girls around. They keep our family young, full of laughter and I get my baby fix in since I have a few years before grandchildren. It is fun to have them for Christmas and Halloween as these events can always use some childhood wonder and spirit. I love seeing my girls with their little cousins, all down on the floor rolling around. The girls are very proud of their cousins, love spending time with them, love how the girls scream when they see them, and love posing for silly pictures with them- they may be the most photographed kids on the planet!

Josie is my youngest niece. She is just about the happiest baby I have ever seen. I don't know if it is being the 3rd child or what but she very rarely cries, she laughs and giggles all the time. I was privileged to be present when Josie was born. I really wanted to see a birth from the other end so to speak and Teresa was comfortable enough- being the 3rd time maybe- to have me and her mother there when Josie was born. Other then my own girls she is the freshest baby I have ever seen. I think that is a special bond that I will always feel towards her.

Friday, October 23, 2009


I have found my new favourite TV show. If you have not watched this show - you must!! It is on Wednesday nights at 9:00. I love that fact that it has all the old songs from when I was younger, that my whole family sings out loud along with the cast, that there is at least 2 song/ dance numbers per show and they really do sing. It is just a feel good, happy show- maybe a bit silly or cheesy but oh so funny- watch it and let me know what you think.

Monday, October 12, 2009


Next To Christmas I think Thanksgiving is my favourite holiday. I love Fall and the colours, with the crisp cleanness of the air. I don't like to days and days of rain we have had this year but Saturday was was perfect for our annual plans.
We host Thanksgiving dinner every year for both sides of our families. We are luck that everyone lives in Kitchener or very close by. One of the reasons I also love this holiday is that other than Katie's cranberry sauce- Shawn does ALL the cooking. I get to piddle around setting up the tables and making centre pieces while he does all the hard stuff- I love it!!

We start of with a family hike, for the last few years we have been going to Huron Natural area as it is only a couple minutes from our house. It is a great place to get photos. Above is my brother Paul and his daughter Jadyn. Below is me and the girls.
This was our first year with Josie - she will be one in a couple of weeks. My brother Adam is very lucky to have a wonderful wife, Teresa and 3 beautiful daughters. This year was a bit strange in that my parents were not here. They go on a trip down south every Fall but are usually back by Thanksgiving, this year they left later and will not be back until next week. They certainly were missed. My sister-in-law and her husband have a farm near by and my nephews and they were busy doing some excavating so they missed our walk and photo session but did make it for dinner. Popa stays behind and helps Shawn out in the kitchen and Nana didn't want a photo so it was just my side getting photographed but they all love it as you can see.
I am very thankful for my family and friends. I couldn't do it without them!

Friday, October 9, 2009

Camping with the Grade 6's

This past week I spent 3day out at Camp Ki-Wa-Y wiht 75 grade 6 students from my school. I enjoy going to camp for a few reasons, it is a great way to get to know the students on a more personal level, you get to see how the kids react in different situations- not just sitting at a desk and you get to see different sides of the kids. I personally like that fact that we go to Ki-Wa-Y as it is the camp my girls work at so I get to see a bit of that side of their life.
Unfortunately this year the weather was not the greatest. It didn't stop us from doing anything, it just made it a little bit more uncomfortable. We went canoeing, rock climbing, learned how to use compasses and did the high and low rope courses. My highlight of the trip was when I did the log walk. I had to climb up a 20 foot tree then walk across a 15 foot log that was suspended between 2 trees by a wire on each end. I was only being held up by a very small rope and harness attached at my waist- what a rush. It is amazing what you can make your self do when a group of kids are cheering you on. I was very scared and swearing under my breath but I did it and when I got down and got those high fives and fist bumps I was pumped- another thing to cross off my bucket list.
This was my home for 3 days. I shared it with 10 girls. It is the cabin that Katie spent most of the summer in. It is made from straw hay bales covered with mud. It was heated by a wood burning furnace system located outside the building. It was pleasantly warm and dry. My kids were great, asleep by 10 and I had to wake them up in the morning- not a typical camping experience let me tell you.

I love my job. I am grateful everyday that I get to work with children and a fantastic bunch of teachers. Everyone should be lucky enough to love what they do- I know I am.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Shout Out to Katie's MSIP!!

MSIP stands for Multi Subject Instructional Period. At Katie's school each student has one MSIP period a day. This is a time that they can work on homework, projects, assignments, get help from teachers- you get the idea.
It is actually a great program. It allows the students to book appointments or see guidance councillors with out actually missing any class time. For every MSIP period there is an MSIP class being taught by a teacher from every subject, a math teacher, english teacher, science teacher and so on -so if you need extra help there is a class somewhere in the school that you can travel to to get help- it may not be with your exact english teacher but it will be with an english teacher and sometimes hearing things said a different way by a different person may help you to understand what you need to learn. Also each MSIP class consists of students from every grade -9 through 12. This allows older students to help younger students and peers to help peers. You can also travel during MSIP to other parts of the school such as the library, science rooms or say the computer lab.
Apparently this is what Katie and some of her friends have been doing lately- travelling to the computer lab to read my blog!! Not sure that that is their best use of time but I said I'd say hey to them in here so -hey Guys ( Paige, Taylor, Katie & Mr. Kennedy), hope you like it!!! Feel free to leave a comment :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Wow I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my last post. September is always a busy month for me- getting back into work and morning routines always takes a bit of getting used to.

Katie has started in right away with field hockey. She plays 2 nights a week with her school team and I try to go and see all the games. I have been watching the team for a couple of years, since Nicole was in grade 10 so I know quite a few of the players and have gotten to see the team grow and mature and build their skills. We went from not scoring a goal in the first season to actaully winning some games now! Katie is also on the student council so she has early mornings and late nights with that activity as well.

Nicole is doing great at university, she has really settled in, gets along great with her roommates and has done well on the couple of tests she has had so far. I am glad that she is so close by and I love that she comes home every weekend. It means I am driving back and forth to Brantford a couple of times a week but we usually have some great mother -daughter discussions on the way so it is time well spent. Nicole and I have always watched Gossip Girls together, it is our show, so last week when I took her back I got to watch it with her in her apartment- that was fun!

I am co-chair of the high school parent council so I had a meeting for that this past week, I joined a camera club with another teacher from my school so I had that meeting, I had book club, an eye doctor appointment, a Patrick Swayze DVD night & did some scrap booking with friends and also Nicole's graduation- I have been busy- But I love it!

Nicole's commencement was a wonderful night. The high school the girls go to has only been open for 4 years, this was their first ever graduating class. The school opened with only grade 9 & 10. Nicole was in grade 10- a senior student! Being the oldest students in the school for the past 3 years gave these kids a lot of leadership opportunities that they would not have had in another school. Nicole was on student council in grade 10, Co-Prez of the school in grade 11, she played on the field hockey, rugby, swimming and softball teams, she was in the drama production and was the school Premier for Fed Prov. Commencement was a very personal experience for the graduating class as well as the teachers. They have come up with so many new and unique traditions at the school that they have built from scratch together. Each graduate had a personal note from past teachers read aloud at the graduation- it was great to hear, some were funny, some were amazing in their accomplishments but all were encouraging and appreciated by the students. I had fought very hard for the 3 years previous to the school opening to get the school built. It was a long hard battle that meant I spent every Monday night at School Board meetings listening to plans, delegations and presenting my own speeches on why our area of town needed and deserved a new high school. At times I wondered if it was worth it but as I see how both my girls have thrived at the school I know it was.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Baseball Filled Weekend

I got to spend the weekend watching some really good baseball. I think that baseball is my favourite sport because it is the one sport I used to play. I understand the rules, I know the plays. I have watched my girls play field hockey and rugby for years and I still don’t understand those games and don’t even get me started on synchro swimming judges!!
Nicole’s boyfriend, Josh, played in the Cannon Cup this weekend in Oakville. This is an All-Star amateur ball tournament that has run for the past 15 years. Josh was very happy to be picked for the All Star team that was made up of the best of the best in his league. He is a very good second base player, can grab the ball out of the sky and throws it with an amazing ease and grace. I love watching athletes that make it all look so simple. I was impressed by the solidarity of the team who have only been together for a short time, their support and encouragement was great to see in 18 year old boys.
It was a tense, suspenseful weekend, lots of sitting on the edge of our seats biting our nails. Nicole was holding her breath at one point I’m sure. Josh’s team came back from a 3 to 4 deficit to win the final game with a grand slam homerun. It was like something out of the movies! The cheer that went up from the crowd, the looks on the players faces- it was so great to be a part of that moment.
The tournament is named after Mike Cannon, a baseball enthusiast who worked for the Toronto Blue Jays. Mike’s daughter was at the field on Sunday to award the winners their championship rings after the game. It was touching to hear her speak about her dad and his love of the game, his joy in watching players who are in it for the sport not the big salaries. The boys were very proud of their accomplishment- it is one they will not soon forget.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Survivor is Back!

The 19th season of Survivor started tonight. I LOVE this show! I have been a fan since the very first season with Richard, Rudy and the snake speech at the end. I have had my favourite players- Rupert & Ethan and evil people like Jeri & Jonny Fairplay make it interesting. It keeps me entertained, I love trying to figure out people's best moves and see how they change with paranoia and hunger.

I always wonder how I would make out on the show, if my need to organize and be in control of situations would help me or get me booted out first. I know I wouldn't do good with the food and I do like my sleep so maybe it's not the show for me.

I am not a big fan of most reality shows- I wonder why people would embarrass themselves on TV just for some fame and money, shows like The Bachelor just don't entertain me. I think Survivor is more realistic I guess, I know many people don't agree with that opinion.

We usually watch as a family. Thursdays have been Pizza Survivor Night in my house for quite a few years now. I have been in pools at work- I even won once- Thanks Tom! I will continue to tune in, probably for as long as the show continues to run. I am looking forward to the next All Star season. I wonder who they will bring back, who will get another chance to Outwit, Outlast & Outplay- Can't wait!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Katie's 16!

On Friday my baby turned 16. It is hard to believe. Hard to believe first off that I am old enough to have daughters this age and also hard to believe that this wonderful person has been a part of my life for so long already.
Katie is my baby but in many ways she is older and wiser than her years. Katie has always been a very serious person. As an infant you felt like she was studying you when she looked at you- with her unwavering expression. She is always thinking, figuring things out. When Katie started to walk she was just over 10 months old and she literally stood up and walked across the room- no tentative baby steps for her- she had watched, learned and was able to do it and has never turned back.
Katie shares her birthday with the tragedy of 9/11. Whenever people ask her for her birth date and she replies with 9/11 they all look at her with pity in their eyes which is interesting because she had nothing to do with the event - she was only 9 years old when it happened but people just automatically associate that date with sadness- we have worked to over come that for our families- Katie's birthday is always a fun filled event. Every year we head out to The Moose for Katie to get her annual turn at wearing the antlers and getting a pie in the face- it never gets old!
Unfortunately for Katie the driver testing people are on strike so she has so far been denied that right of passage- she was very excited to write her driving test and hit the road. I am ready for her to start driving as well. She certainly is mature enough- the child lived across the ocean for 3 months last year, counselled children all summer at a residential camp and is a grade nine mentor at her high school- I think she can handle the responsibility!
Katie is growing up fast, she is out there in the world doing things- she is an adventurer, open to new things and experiences. She is an organizer, a planner, a thinker- I know that she will continue to make good decisions because she always knows all the facts. She has a great boyfriend who treats her well. I am happy to spend time with Katie- she was gone so much of last year first with her exchange then off to camp-for 20 weeks out of 28 she was not living at home in the spring and summer. I missed her very much and now with Nicole gone out of the house Katie and I get to spend a lot of time together- getting to know each other again.I love it, I love her and I am proud to be the mom of such a wonderful, caring nurturing spirit!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Our Wedding Anniversary

On Thursday Shawn and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary- this means that I have now been a Wilson as long as I was a Clasper. I don't know why but this seems like a really big deal to me. It makes my childhood seem like such a long time ago. I plan on being a Wilson for much, much longer than I was ever a Clasper don't get me wrong!!
Shawn and I met in college when we were 18. We got engaged after 6 months- I can appreciate now how much that must have freaked our parents out at the time- never mind that I was Shawn's first ever real girlfriend- Poor Millie and Bill didn't know what hit them. I can just imagine my reaction if Nicole was to come home and tell us that she was engaged!
We were engaged for 2 years- giving us enough time to finish school and get jobs. Neither of us had ever lived away from home or by ourselves. It was hard work in the beginning- learning about each other and how to be grown ups together. Luckily we had wonderful, supportive parents to help us along the way. We were very young to get married- just 21 years old- we have grown up together- luckily we have grown in the same direction I know this is not always the case. We had a group of friends who all got married around the same time and the majority of those marriages have failed- we are blessed but we also work damn hard to make this work- there have been struggles, hard times and disappointments but those time have been surpassed by love, joy, happiness and contentment. I am thankful everyday for having a husband who loves me for me, who lets me be the best me I can be, who has given me the two most amazing, wonderful daughters that anyone could ask for!
Thank you Shawn- I love you!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Nicole Has Left The Building

Yesterday we moved Nicole into her residence apartment in Brantford. This was a very exciting day in the Wilson household. We have been planning and organizing and shopping for the past month to get ready for this big day. My dining room has looked like a war zone for the past week. There's a lot to remember when you are stocking a whole apartment. Luckily Nicole has been in contact with her roommates so there wasn't much repetition in supplies. It was great to see all the girls meet each other for the first time- they were all so excited!

I was really impressed with the whole process. First you go and pick up your keys from the student union and your frosh week supplies. The road in front of the residence was closed off- you get a number and unload all you belongings. We waited for about 10 minutes until our number was called, then a group of 8 older students come and grab all your boxes - they carry everything into your room and your set! Simple as that. It was neat seeing Nicole take charge of her room and set it up the way she wanted- so grown up.
I thought this day would be harder for me that it was. Don't get me wrong, I will miss her like crazy- but is was just so exciting watching her and knowing all the new adventures she will be experiencing that I really didn't get upset- no tears or melt downs, Shawn was amazed- he thought I would lose it for sure. I am so proud of Nicole and the grown up she is becoming. I look forward to our relationship as it changes. I will always love, remember and cherish the little girl she was but I will be friends with the woman she is becoming. I love you Colio!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Last Days of Summer

I had a very busy week this past week, trying to cram everything in I wanted to get accomplished this summer. My mom and I spent the entire day Monday reorganizing my laundry room. It looks very good now- for a room I hate to spend time in that is!
With the school year starting off so late this year it kinda screwed up my last week of holidays. I had to go into the board office on Wednesday and do some training as all teachers and EA have to get in 2 working days before students show up this year to make up our 190 or so teaching days. My school has been undergoing huge renovations this summer which are still on -going so we couldn't get in to set up our classes like we usually do. We were to work on Wednesday and Thursday. I made plans to leave for a camping trip with Katie and some of her friends to celebrate her 16th birthday before school started. The construction in our school is behind so we couldn't even get onto the property until Friday-- sooo long story short I ended up driving in from the campground on Friday and Saturday to set the room up. It was a lot of work as we had to pack up EVERYTHING in classroom when we left in June. Gen, Andy and I spent a lot of time over those 2 days helping out other teachers and getting our room all put together- it looks awesome! The school on the other hand is still a construction zone, we will not have a gym, library or computers before Christmas and the addition is not even half way done. it will be fantastic when it is all done- we will just have to learn to live with it until then- it's going to be an interesting Fall.

The time I did get the spend with the girls camping was a lot of fun. Katie is lucky to have such good friends. I am so used to having them around that it was very odd this summer to have them gone as well as Katie- I missed them all. We had fun joking around the campfire, playing with sparklers and hanging at the beach. We took many, many pictures. I am sure the girls had fun camping by themselves when I was gone, making pancakes- they did a great job of cleaning everything up and even figuring out how to put the table bed back together. I am glad to have been a part of this celebration with Katie and her friends- they want to make it an annual event so we'll see :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Have a Superpower!

I bet you never knew I had a superpower- neither did I until it occurred to me recently. The only problem is that I apparently have no control over my superpower. See... I can become invisible- I just don't get to control where or when this happens. I am always invisible when it comes to those automatic hand dryers and taps in restaurants- they can never read me. I try waving my hands and arms around and nothing- other people come into the washroom and voila instant water or drying. I even then try to use the sink or dryer they were using and boom-I'm invisible! I also become invisible when I am driving my van. It is a big, blue mini van but it has the same powers as Wonder Womens invisible plane- no one can see us- other cars cut me off, children run out in front of me-I am invisible.

Now if only I could figure out how to harness this power- apparently I am never invisible when there are jobs to volunteer for, or my kids need a ride or bills need to be paid. I need to get this power under control- I could rule the world!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Katie's Home!

Yes Katie is home for good now. She has been away at camp for the past 8 weeks, only coming home for 12 hours each weekend. It has been a long summer and I missed her greatly. She had an awesome time, made tons of new friends, learned how to manage groups of homesick children and has made memories that will last her a lifetime. I think being a camp councilor is one of the best summer jobs ever. You get to have fun while learning, there is always something new and exciting going on, you make life long friends, you get an fantastic tan and spend hours out in the fresh air. I know both my girls wouldn't trade their camp experiences for anything. I may have missed them when they were gone but I wouldn't take the experience away from them- it helps them grow up so much.
I now have both my girls home with me together for the next week- but wait, Nicole has to go to work and Katie is off to school for student council planning- oh well - I thought I had them here :(

Saturday, August 29, 2009

My Bathroom

I love my bathroom. Shawn redid the whole thing a few months ago and it is still my favourite room in the house. I spend many hours there, just soaking in the bath. I had been looking for decorations for my one blank wall - I wasn't sure what I wanted but I knew that I would know as soon as I saw it. Guess what? I did!
I was at the towel outlet in St Jacobs on Tuesday, we were picking up stuff for Nicole's apartment, when I say these really cute sayings in a can. I found the perfect one- one that sums up my feelings in my bathroom. Now I just had to figure out how to get it on the wall.
It actually was fairly easy, I gathered up my tools and set to work.

The biggest issue was just making sure the whole thing was centred and level. The application was actually easy. I am used to using rub ons in scrapbooking- this was the same thing just on a much bigger scale. You just tape the quote to the wall then rub it on with the applicator- voila you are done!

I am very happy with the outcome. Makes me want to go have a bath right now!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

A Bit of This and That

****Ok- something strange happened with this post. I did it like I always do and moved the pictures to the proper places but they duplicated and now I can't get rid of any of them!****

Well I am down to my last few days of holidays. This is when I start to get panicky and make sure I get to do everything I wanted to this summer. I have stuck to my goals very well I must say. I did go into Two Scrapbook Friends at least once a week to scrapbook, I have been going to the gym on a regular basis and I have been taking lots of pictures.This past week was a busy one. Last Friday Shawn, Nicole and I went to Brantford to have a tour of Nicole's residence apartment. Well were we ever impressed, it is bigger and nicer than Shawn and mine's first apartment. It was great to get to see the space and figure out what is needed and where everything will go. Josh had a baseball tourney in Brantford that weekend so we got to see one of his games on Friday night.

On Saturday I took Karan's 2 layout class at 2 Friends. I learned a couple of new techniques, used a sewing machine on paper and got to catch up with Kelly, Sam and Veronica. Saturday night we celebrated my brother's 40th birthday with a family dinner at Ye's. It was a really fun night but I forgot my camera and my brother hasn't sent me the pics he took yet so I have nothing to show you.
On Monday I went to lunch with a bunch of my co-workers, it was great to catch up and start to look forward to the new school year. After lunch Gen and I went to see a matinee of Post Grad. It was a cute movie.
Tuesday Nicole and I went to the market with my parents and my 3 nieces. It was very fun, there was a bouncy castle, balloon animals and yummy food for lunch. Afterwords I went out for dinner and a movie with my ladies. We went to see Inglourious Basterds, although it was very disturbing it did keep us very entertained for 2 1/2 hours. Yesterday Gen and I were back to Two Friends scrapping- unfortunately this would be my last week of daytime cropping for the summer. It was a good day, full of conversations and laughter as Caroline, Joanne and Karan were all there. We got to see some of the new products and layouts and I am totally caught up with my summer pictures- all set for the upcoming year.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Birthday!!

August 18th-- It was my birthday last week while I was away camping. This caused my birthday celebrations to become a week long event! First my parents took me out for lunch and shopping before we went away. I really wanted a new pair of birkenstocks. I love my birks, I have had them for almost 10 years. I wear them from the minute the snow melts in the Spring until it starts to fall again in the Winter- they have never let me down. I have had them resoled and resealed and they fit me like a glove. I decided to go with a new colour and style. I got black 3 strap sandals this time. I am slowly working them in- I think they are going to be great. Many thanks to Shawn and my parents for my new shoes!
My birthday was actually on Thursday. This is the first year that I was not with any of my family on the actual day. I thought it was going to be my first time ever not having a birthday cake- I should have known better- my ladies wouldn't let me down. They had a cake hidden in the cooler and pulled it out after dinner. They sang to me around the picnic table- it was great! My ladies are totally awesome! Thank goodness for technology- I got texts all day long, from Shawn at home, Nicole at work, Katie at camp and other friends- I felt so loved.
When I came home from my trip and Katie got home from camp the girls gave me my present- I got a home made gift certificate for Two Scrapbook Friends (I wonder if the store will honour it??) My girl's understand my scrapbook obsession and the best gift of all- a Patrick Chan water bottle from McDonald's! Now have you seen the commercial where the little girl gets her bottle autographed by Patrick for her mom? Well that could be me. I have had a little bit of a crush on him since he showed up in the commercials during the summer Olympics. There is just something about him. I expect big things from him in February!
My mother in law showed up today with a mall gift card- I get to go shopping. Gen gave me a pedicure gift certificate so I got that done today- all in all I am a very lucky, very spoiled women. I am very thankful and grateful for the wonderful friends and family that I got to share all my birthday celebrations with!